Community Minibus

An organisation working closely with the P&DCCA



Did you know you can get a door to door service in Pulborough? The Pulborough Community Minibus is at your service. It does not matter what age you are, young or old, but if you require help with getting to the shops or are interested in the outings we arrange, or even taking a group of your friends for a lunch or outing please do get in touch. Our regular programme is:

 Mondays  (pick ups from 12.00 and return at 3.30 pm) : Shopping at Horsham (1st, 3rd
and 5th Monday) or Chichester (2nd and 4th Monday), occasionally  Worthing.
 Tuesdays  (pick ups from 9.30 am): Shopping at Tesco or Sainsbury’s in Pulborough
 Wednesdays  ferrying passengers to the Wednesday Lunch Club and Afternoon Club and
return at 4.00 pm.
 Fridays  (pick ups from 9.30 am): shopping in Pulborough, including Dyke Farm.
 4th Saturday of the   month  (pick-ups from 9.15 am): Village Market in the Village Hall.

In addition, outings are arranged.


You need to be a member of the Community Minibus Association to use the minibus, and for this there is a small charge. In addition fees, which are kept to the minimum, are charged for all journeys. The minibus is also available for use by local clubs, social groups and associations.

Any Pulborough resident is most welcome to join the Community Minibus Association as a passenger (there is a strong ‘community spirit’ on the bus!), and we would also welcome anyone interested in becoming a driver or escort (it is a very rewarding experience!).


Gerald Batt (01798 872388) is the Pulborough Village Organiser and he should be contacted by individual passengers, bookings for Groups and bookings for outings.

Anne Ball (01798 873008) organises the Friday run.