Registered Charity No 292359

Our Association, which is a registered charity, acts as an umbrella for several groups working to benefit residents in ways commensurate with the Charity Acts. These organisations operate within the broad definitions stated in our constitution. We have a number of Trustees and a Committee which meets regularly to ensure that the activities are properly co-ordinated and that, under the guidance of our Treasurer, our financial affairs are impeccable and that regular reports are sent to the Charity Commissioners.

Our funding has traditionally come from West Sussex County Council, Horsham District Council, Pulborough Parish Council and legacies and donations from generous individuals in the community, as well as regular fund raising efforts. We are extremely grateful for all this support. Without these funds we could not continue. Our accounts give you a detailed explanation of how the funds are used.

Contact Details

Pulborough & District Community Care Association

  John Dixon (Chairman)
Church Hill
RH20 1AB  01798 872667
  Louise Kaiser(Secretary)

01798 831829


Mr Alan Sugarman


Mr John Dixon (Chairman)
Mr Alan Sugarman (Treasurer)

Mrs Edna Henly
Mr Michael Clenshaw


Some documents are in Adobe Acrobat format for which a free reader program is available. 

2010 Annual Report and Accounts
2011 Annual Report and Accounts
2012 Annual Report and Accounts
2013 Annual Report and Accounts
2014 Annual Report and Accounts
2015 Annual Report and Accounts
2016 Annual Report and Accounts
2017 Annual report and Accounts 
2018 Annual Report and Accounts

2019 Annual Report and Accounts


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